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I'm finally back! Sorry for the long delay...school caught back up with me and kicked me in the rear lol!

~October 2009~

John lay back in his chair fiddling with his phone, she’d been home for at least two hours and she had yet to call him to let him know she was home and safe. He had figured after the first hour she had been working on some homework she missed while wandering around New York with him but there wasn’t even a text from her. After checking her flights he realized that she was home, picking up his phone he decided to call her.

“Hello John,: she answered, her voice sounded weird like she was suppressing anger or something else.

“Hey, how was your flight?” he asked, wondering what was up with her…a fight with her roommate? He pulled up his e-mail on his computer as silence crept over the line. “Hello?”

“I’m here, I’m giving you a chance to come clean about who you are,” she stated her voice hurt. “There’s pictures of us online dating back to our first date. You’re John Mayer, the singer.”

“Yes, yes I am…I don’t know why I didn’t say anything before…I have a reputation for being an ass…and I guess I wanted to show you who I really was before I told you my name.” he suttered out honestly. Sure the one time he didn’t check his e-mail obsessively is the one time everyone he knows e-mails him about the blonde he was spotted with. “Whit, say something.”

“So were you telling the truth at all this past week?” she asked, her voice a little softer.

“The only thing I didn’t tell you is what I do for a living. My watch and guitar collection, my family, my friends and my passions those were all true. The only thing I lied to you about was my job…everything else was true.” He paused to catch his breath and form his next words. “I know I fucked up big time and that lying isn’t the best way to start off a relationship but I promise full disclosure from now on.”

“I don’t think you’re the ass that the media and those gossip sites claim that you are,” she said softly, John grinned that was a point for him and zero for the gossip sites. “I think I understand why you didn’t tell me…if I was famous I don’t think I would tell you either…” she trailed off as he felt hope blooming in his chest. “Ok, let’s give this a chance.”

“You won’t regret it…I’m a great boyfriend.” He stated, pushing aside some self-doubt.

~May 2015~

I wonder were that confidence of his has gone, the kind that stated that he was a great boyfriend. I know that every couple goes through periods of fighting and usually ours would end and the good parts would last for a while but that last fighting period almost killed us. Obviously, since I’m sitting on a plane heading to get him back. I know his past relationships had killed his confidence and that (not to brag) I had brought out the real John, who had been hiding in his subconscious.

I sighed and turned my attention to my notebook where I was outlining my argument to get him back when the girl next me magazine caught my eye. The cover was John with a small bubble surrounding his hand proclaiming that he was single. I felt my stomach drop to the land below.

“Excuse me, can I look at your magazine real fast,” I asked, trying to keep my voice even. The girl shrugged and handed it to me. Flipping through it I found the article that proclaimed John was spotted out last Saturday without his wedding band and mentioned that we hadn’t been spotted together in months. I cursed myself for skipping our last dinner with Keith and Nicole last time they were in town in case John showed up. I handed it back to her and sat back in my chair my mind racing. Finally deciding what to I turned to a fresh sheet of paper and started to write until I was told to put my tray into the upright position because we were now in LA.


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